Texas VLB Mortgage Loan

Texas Veterans Loans are available through the Veterans Land Program, which is offered through the Texas Veterans Land Board. This is an organization that was set up to assist veterans returning from World War II by helping them to be able to get land. It has continued its services today for all Texas veterans or active members of the armed forces who meet all of the eligibility requirements.


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In order to be eligible to get Texas veterans’ loans, there are four key requirements that must be met. The first is becoming less of a factor in current times, but the applicant must have served in the military after September 16, 1940. In addition, if the applicant has previously received a loan from the Texas Veterans Land Board, it must have been successfully repaid. Applicants must not have been dishonorably discharged from the military, either.

Finally, the applicant must meet certain requirements in terms of residence in Texas. As a veteran, they either needed to list Texas as their home when they went into the military or must have been a legal resident of Texas before applying for the loan.

The loans are also available to active service members. In terms of satisfying requirements of Texas residence, active members of the military must be stationed in Texas at the time of applying and have their legal residence listed in Texas.

If those requirements are met, the veteran or service member may receive up to $100,000 of financing as long as the land is at least one acre in size. They do have to make a 5 percent down payment, though. They’ll also need to pay appraisal and application fees up front. The interest rate varies, but is published regularly. Veterans who are disabled or spouses who lost a husband or wife in the military may get additional reductions in the interest rate.

While this program is not quite as advantageous as some of the other loan programs that enable the buyer to make the purchase with no down payment, it can still create opportunities for veterans who do not qualify for other loans.

It could also be used in conjunction with other sources of financing. Given the complexities of these loans, it is a good idea to speak to someone about the various options that exist. Our team of experts knows a lot about Texas veterans’ loans, thanks to years of experience.