Mortgage Loan Checklist

There are a number of different documents that are needed in order to process your loan. In order to make sure that all of our customers or potential customers enjoy a smooth application process, we ask that you have these documents ready ahead of time. This will help you avoid any frustrating delays and enable us to provide you with assistance as quickly as possible. It also means that we can spend more time working with you to find your best options, as opposed to waiting while trying to figure out what is missing.

Take a look at the list below and get everything ready so that you can go through the application and processing quickly and easily. **Important:  You are not required to provide these documents to us at the time of the initial pre-qualification/ pre-approval application.  However, most of these documents will be needed to complete the full mortgage application.

  • W-2 Forms from your last two years of taxes.

  • Your most recent pay stub.

  • Your most recent bank account statements, mutual fund statements and Individual Retirement Account statements. Bring all pages of each statement.

  • The estimated net proceeds from the sale of your home, when applicable.

  • Your homeowner’s insurance agent’s name and contact information, including his or her phone number.

  • Your tax returns from your federal taxes for the last two years if you are self-employed or if you earn income from commissions.

  • A total copy of any bankruptcy papers, including the discharge.

  • Any relevant divorce decrees or separation agreements.

  • Lease agreements on any rental properties.

  • A letter of explanation for any gaps in your employment.

  • If you are a veteran, provide a certificate of eligibility and a DD214.

  • Your driver’s license and your social security card.

If you have anything else that you feel may be relevant, you can check with us or bring it along.